Home Staging Services In Walnut Creek, CA

Home staging is the process of preparing a property for sale so that it sells as quickly as possible, and at the best price. Staging is a proven method that helps homes stand out from the rest. They look, feel, and show better than un-staged properties—in fact, an estimated 90% of buyers now look online before previewing homes. That’s why East Bay Staging offers a variety of homes staging services in Walnut Creek, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Vacant Home Staging

Staging helps vacant properties sell more quickly and easily. Empty properties need extra attention because unfurnished rooms appear cold and unappealing, both in person and online. However, with help from an Accredited Staging Professional, it’s easy to turn your home into warm, inviting space!

Our team begins by preview your property. Before we start staging, we’ll get your thoughts, then provide you with a detailed plan. Finally, working with your budget in mind, we bring rooms to life with furniture, art, and accessories that help potential buyers visualize living in those spaces. We select each of these pieces to accentuate your property’s unique features.

Occupied Home Staging

You may think that staging an occupied home is more of a challenge, but that’s not the case when our team is on the job! We take on staging projects of all shapes and sizes, leaving you with a space that’s ready to be shown off. Two different levels of service are available for your needs.


Hands-On Staging

Let us do all the work! We re-purpose items in your home and rearrange furniture to accentuate every room’s best features. We strategically place accessories and accent pieces to showcase areas and make them more inviting to buyers. Best of all, we can provide any pieces you’re missing from our inventory. Fees are based on areas to be staged and the amount of inventory needed to achieve results.

Staging Consultations

 Are you interested in staging your home on your own, but unsure how to proceed? Our team will visit you in your home to provide personalized advice as to how you can maximize its resale potential. Fees are based on size of home, and you’ll receive a written plan. You may also find our resources helpful.

Senior Home Staging

If you or a loved one is thinking of downsizing to a smaller home, or even transitioning into an assisted living space, East Bay Staging can help. Owner Laney Nelson is an ASP® Senior Relocation Specialist and has the qualifications needed to provide services tailored to seniors’ unique needs. Let us make your move stress-free with our range of senior-friendly home design services.

Additional Services

Have too much stuff? There’s no time like the present for a home makeover or redesign to refresh and reinvigorate your lifestyle. Reducing the items you’ve collected over the years can be difficult, but with our help, the process is simple and straightforward. Once we’re done, your new space will be clean, clear, and easy to navigate—both for your family and your guests.

Along with home makeovers, our team offers several other useful services for homeowners and professionals alike. Reach out today to find out more about any of the following:

• Model Home Staging
• Relocations/Move-Ins
• Personal Shopping Assistance
• Builder/Investor Services