Sell Your Home Faster with Vacant Home Staging in Walnut Creek, CA

Potential buyers often have a hard time imagining what a home would look like when it is vacant. The blank walls and drafty rooms don’t inspire creativity or feelings of settling in.  But with vacant home staging in Walnut Creek, CA, it’s easy to transform any property into a warm and inviting area. East Bay Staging examines each room with you and design an appealing and eye-catching look tailored to the buyers.

You’ll start selling homes faster when potential buyers are able to really see themselves in the house. Putting a house on the market is more than selling a piece of property – it’s selling a lifestyle, and we help showcase that to the buyers. While you focus on organizing open houses and private showings, let us take care of the decorating. Give your property the edge it deserves with our vacant home staging professional.

Get a Better Price with Home Staging

Whether you’re a real estate agent or the home seller, you naturally want the best price possible for your home. The trouble with showing vacant homes is that it actually leads to lower offers. In order to get the most from your properties for sale, you need to get the buyers excited about living there. Vacant homes just don’t guide people to see themselves in that space. Instead, they feel cold and uninvited, leading to lower prices. You won’t have to consider a lower offer for your property when you contact our vacant home staging services because our designs draw people in.

Our professional designers fill in the imagination of the potential buyer. From comfortable sofas to luxurious dining tables, we do it all. All you have to do is tell us which rooms you want staged during your staging consultation. It’s as simple as that.

Make a Great First Impression

Vacant homes send all the wrong messages to a potential buyer. Potential homebuyers see them as damaged or defective in some way. They think that maybe the owners are desperate to sell, or that they don’t care about the house to spruce it up at all. All of these things discourage bids. Our vacant home staging services give each room a purpose and a clear point of reference. Showing is always better than telling. A bedroom outfitted with a tasteful bed and nightstands makes a better presentation and leads to higher bids

Contact us today to find out the difference vacant home staging can make in your home’s appeal. We proudly serve clients in Walnut Creek, California, and surrounding areas.